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Save Time Writing Your IEP Goals

You want to write meaningful and measurable IEP goals that will have life-changing results for your students. But you want to do it without taking too much time so you can reclaim evenings and weekends for family and fun. We’ll teach you how to write your goals with less overwhelm so you can make a bigger impact with your students.

What you will learn:

How to Create a Pre-Meeting IEP Schedule

How to Use the SMART Goals Framework


How to Collaborate on Goal Writing

How to Get IEPs Done Faster


Downloadable tools that you can implement in your class right away to help your students reach and exceed their goals.


Online courses that help you become a life-changing special education teacher in the comfort of your own home.


Show off how much you love making a difference in the lives of your students with our shirts, totes, and more. 

What do we do?

I help special education teachers with time saving plans and activities so students are engaged and motivated to learn both in the classroom and during distance learning.

Online Special Education Teacher Training

Stress Free IEP

We are building this course now to save you time and frusterating. Making a course that will change you for the better takes time. We want to ask you questions as we build it so it will be a course made just for you. Join the wait list so we can work together to make this course fit your needs exactly.

Paraprofessional Training

Do your paraprofessionals need training on important concepts in special education. This course gives them foundational skills in behavior management, data collection, communication, and more. 

Positive Parent Communication

Communicating with parents doesn’t have to be automatically stressful. And communication breakdowns can often be repaired. We want to make sure this course meets your needs, so join the wait list to give your input on your most challenging parent interactions so you don’t feel like you are always putting out fires.

Change Your Students Lives & Change Your Own Life.