We’re so excited to announce our book club. Starting in April 2019, we are hosting a weekly book club on Facebook. At the time of writing, we’re planning to host the discussions on Sunday nights in our Facebook Group Special Education Teacher Book Club. Discussions will be at 7 PM Central.

Be the One for Kids by Ryan Sheehy

Be the One for Kids was recommended to us by one of our community members. The author, Ryan Sheehy, was a PE teacher before becoming a principal. This book is all about being the difference for our kids. Just a heads up, links to the book help keep our coffee pot filled and the internet on because it’s an affiliate link.

Keep Up With the Club

If you’re the type that wants to keep up with a book club instead of the Kardashians (but we won’t judge you if you like both), sign up below to get the note pages that go along with book in the club.