Teaching skip counting is one of my favorite things do to. For some kids, skip counting comes naturally and for others it is more of a challenge. I like to incorporate all sorts of ways to help skip counting stick for my kids.

Chanting and Songs

The rhythmic nature of changing and songs helps skip counting stick. Here are some songs you can use with your class to help them practice skip counting. My kids always loved having music and movement incorporated into math. These songs are perfect for introducing skip counting to your kids. They also would as educational background music while students do independent math work if your kids like to have some sound ongoing while they work.

Teaching Skip Counting by 2s

Are your kids crazy about rockets and space? If so, they’ll be excited by this skip counting by 2s video from Scratch Garden. I only like to use one video from Scratch Garden for skip counting because they all have similar tunes, which can make it harder for our kids to keep the different ways of skip counting separate. Despite that, this song is fun. It would be a great way to introduce the idea of counting by 2s.

Teaching Skip Counting by 5s

If you aren’t already familiar with Jack Hartman, you’re in for a treat. He creates great educational songs for kids. I love this skip counting song because it incorporates movement that crosses the midline. It’s a great motor activity and allows for kids to be involved in the movement even if they aren’t ready for the skip counting aspect in your class. I know from experience lots of kids in self-contained special education classrooms are at different levels.

Teaching Skip Counting by 10s

Another one by our friend Jack is his workout count by 10 video. Getting your kids up, moving, and active is fun and helps get out the wiggles in a constructive way. Your kids will love pretending to climb a mountain with this video. You could even have your kids create a skip counting mountain as part of your room decor.


Arranging Cards in Order

My kids enjoy making chains of skip counting cards. It’s easy to do. All you really need are note cards with the skip counting numbers on them. I mix them up and put each set in it’s own zipper bag. Then I let students work individually or in groups to put the cards in the right order for skip counting. Kids love to get to spread this activity out on the floor.

Hopscotch and Number Line Walks

I love having hopscotch and number lines on the floor in my class.

Skip Counting Hopscotch How To

  1. Get a big sheet of butcher paper in a color that works for your classroom.
  2. Use colorful chalk or a chalk pens to draw your hopscotch board onto the butcher paper. It’s OK if it isn’t perfect! Hopscotch can be messy. Don’t fuss over this too long, you have other things to do.
  3. Laminate the hopscotch board.
  4. Optional: Cut out the hopscotch board.
  5. Attach board to the floor with sticky tack or velcro dots.
  6. Have students use beanbags to cover up the numbers they need to skip while playing hopscotch skip count.

Skip Counting Number Line How To

    1. Get painters tape (affiliate)
    2. Use a yard stick to measure out your number spacing evenly
    3. Place velcro dots (affiliate) or vinyl dots on your evenly measured intervals
    4. Write numbers on your dots
    5. Have students hop or skip by 2s, or 3s. For higher numbers have them brainstorm creative ways to land on the right numbers without touching the numbers they need to skip, a bit like The Floor is Lava.

My Resources

For assessment or extra practice, check out my resources for skip counting. I have a set for skip counting by 2, 5, and 10, and another set for 3, 6, and 9. Not only do these skills help with lower grade standards for skip counting, they can prepare students to be able to multiply with ease in the later elementary grades.