Being part of a strong, positive SPED team makes all the difference in the world. Get SPED team shirts for you and your whole team to start the new school year off right!


Maslow Before Bloom







Before our kids can bloom academically, we have to make sure that their physical and emotional needs are met. The easiest way to wrap that up is to simply say, “Maslow before Bloom.” This floral wreath design will help remind you and your fellow educators to put Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs before Bloom’s Taxonomy.

TEAM SPED Sunflower Arrow Shirt








This cheerful TEAM SPED design with a sunflower arrow will brighten up your day.

Adapt Include Love

Adapt Include Love







Special education teachers adapt, include, and love every single day. This is a great team shirt showing off your SPED Team values.

IEP: I Encourage Progress

I Encourage Progress







Special education teachers encourage progress in their students every day. This shirt features a fresh arrow design with the slogan IEP: I Encourage Progress. It’s a great shirt to wear as an individual or to make an even bigger statement with SPED Team shirts.

Paraprofessionals Make It Possible

Paraprofessionals Make It Possible

Your paraprofessional team will love these bright and cheerful shirts that say, “Paraprofessionals Make It Possible.” We rely on paraprofessionals to get everything done.

Peace Love Teach

This Peace Love Teach shirt is fun way to show your love of teaching. Get one just for you or for your entire team.



Your school’s sped squad will enjoy matching with in their SPED Team shirts with this modern and fresh design.

Stickers, Mugs, and More

If you don’t need shirts, but like the designs you see, you’re in luck. All of these designs are available on magnets, stickers, mugs, and more. The stickers are great to jazz up your water bottle and the magnets are perfect to bring some life to your file cabinets. You can find all my teaching designs right here.

SPED TEAM Prodcuts

While you’re thinking about back to school, don’t forget other back to school essentials like preparing your classroom’s emergency go bag. 

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