Hey Math Wizards! Teaching middle school math is like being the ringmaster of the greatest show on Earth, and when it comes to our special education superstars, we’ve got some mind-blowing tricks up our sleeves! Enter the world of math manipulatives, where learning becomes a thrilling adventure. In this blog post, we’re unveiling the top five math manipulatives that will turn your classroom into a math carnival of fun and excitement!

Math Magic Top 5 Must Have Math Manipulatives for Middle School

1. Base-10 Block Bonanza: Let’s Build Some Math Muscle with Manipulatives!

Who said math can’t be a hands-on workout? Grab your hard hats because we’re diving into the world of Base-10 blocks – the construction site of mathematical mastery! These colorful blocks aren’t just building towers; they’re constructing a foundation of number brilliance. From adding skyscrapers to subtracting sidewalks, Base-10 blocks make math tangible and totally terrific! You can find some here. I don’t get anything from this link, just making your life easier.


Base ten blocks math manipulatives

2. Fraction Fiesta with Fraction Tiles: Where Every Slice is a Celebration!

Say goodbye to fraction frustrations and hello to Fraction Fiesta! Our special education stars deserve a front-row seat to the most exciting math show in town, and that’s where fraction tiles steal the spotlight. Watch as fractions become the life of the party, each tile a VIP guest in the grand mansion of mathematical understanding. Spoiler alert: the party favors are a deeper grasp of fractions! I like these from Amazon.


Fraction Tiles math manipulatives

3. Geometric Shape Shenanigans: Shapes That Make Math a Blast!

Get ready to shape-shift your math lessons into an adventure of geometric proportions! It’s a carnival of shapes, and special education students are the ringmasters. From triangles to octagons, let’s explore the circus of geometry together. These geometric shapes aren’t just for show; they’re the backstage pass to understanding the magical world of angles, sides, and three-dimensional wonders! My teachers growing up had sets of these, and I still remember loving getting to use them.

4. Cuisenaire Rods Carnival Extravaganza: Unleash the Rainbow of Math Marvels!

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and behold the dazzling display of Cuisenaire Rods – where math meets the rainbow! These colorful rods aren’t just tools; they’re the magical wands that unlock mathematical mysteries. Special education students, get ready to be math wizards as you mix, match, and create number spells that will leave everyone in awe! These are quaint.

5. Number Line Roller Coaster: Buckle Up for a Mathematical Manipulative Ride!

Hold onto your hats because we’re about to embark on a thrilling Number Line Roller Coaster ride! Special education students, you’re in for a treat as we zip, zoom, and zigzag our way through addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It’s not just a number line; it’s the roller coaster of mathematical joy that turns learning into a hair-raising adventure! I’ve created a number line math mat that includes a universal problem-solving grid at the top. It’s a great manipulative and graphic organizer for your middle school special education and RTI students. All you need to do is print it (I like color card stock), laminate or put in a plastic sheet protector, and students are good to go!

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And there you have it, Math Maestros! The top five math manipulatives that will transform your classroom into a dazzling math carnival. Let’s make math not just a subject but a show-stopping spectacle that leaves everyone cheering for more. Because when it comes to learning, the fun factor is the secret ingredient that turns every special education student into a math superstar!