There is no tired like back to school teacher tired. And after the very first day, your feet are going to let you know all about it. After a summer of sitting on the couch, your feet are just not having it. This list of comfortable shoes for teachers will help you find just the right pair to get you through the school day.

There is no tired like back to school teacher tired.

Teacher feet go through a lot through out the school day. You’re racking up steps in the early morning at bus duty or running to the work room to make copies. You’re getting your classroom prepped so everything is just so when your students come in. Then you’re up and around the classroom all day. It feels like you run a marathon every day.

When I taught elementary life skills, I had to pick out just the right shoes. I was in my early twenties and needed to look professional to get every little bit of extra respect I could. But I had runners, who would gleefully dash out of the classroom at a moment’s notice. I needed to be able to spring to my feet from anywhere in the class to catch my escapees while my paraprofessionals held down the fort.

When I needed shoes, I shopped very carefully. In the store, I would try on each pair, hop up and down a few times, walk, and then run through the long shoe isles. Ballet flats flew off my feet when I ran at full speed, something I didn’t want to happen when having to intercept a runner. I also have very sensitive feet. Most shoes, even with socks, wind up rubbing holes in the delicate skin on my feet to the point where my feet bleed.

This round up of shoes will help you find the perfect ones to get you through the school year.

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Clark’s Women’s Kinzie Loafer Flat

This cute flat comes in colors like burgundy, pewter, pink, and tweed. You’ll be able to find just the right pair to go with the clothes you already have in your closet. Clark’s was my go to brand for my classroom shoes, so you’ll see them pop up quite often in this list. I’ve never had a pair of Clark’s let me down. Reviews on Amazon compare the Kinzie loafer to walking on foam carpet. Some of the reviewers recommend ordering half a size up, so consider that if you buy these. They do also have a wide option, if you have wider feet like I do.

Born Women’s Madeline

These understated flats are dressy and simple. Besides the usual tones like beiges, blacks, and browns, the shoe also comes in sky blue and a vibrant red that will bring a fun note to your wardrobe for the classroom while still looking perfectly polished. Born was my other go-to brand for teacher shoes. I have one pair of Mary Janes I bought all the way back in 2010, and I still have them to this day.

Born Women’s Karmina Ankle High Leather Flat Shoe

These flats, also from Born, sport a delicate beaded pattern on the toes. They give the shoes some pizzazz without being overwhelming or childish. Even though they are flats, they have a little bit of arch support to keep keep your feet happy. They would pair nicely with ankle length pants. This pair doesn’t have quite the same cushioning Born is known for so consider adding an extra insert for these.

Clarks Women’s Ashland Spin Q Slip-On Loafer

These loafers are similar to my favorite pair of classroom shoes ever. I could run in mine no problem, and they didn’t bother me, even when I needed to stand all day long in them. I usually wore them with khaki pants and a blouse. At the time of writing, these shoes have over 400 reviews on Amazon and over a 4 star rating, so they are really great quality. Some of the reviewers on Amazon reference that these shoes are comfortable for them for hours, even with problems like bunions. Some people find they run narrow, so keep that in mind.

Keds Women’s Champion Original Canvas Sneaker

The first pair of shoes I ever remember buying was a pair of Keds. My mom took me to the Hulen Mall, and I was still young enough to call it the Human Mall. There was a display of Keds just at my eye level. I could smell the rubber soles. We walked out with a white pair, much like these ones. You might have seen the adorable painted sneakers that are made to look like pencils on Pinterest. These Keds would be perfect for that project too as they are a nice, blank canvas.

Crocs Women’s Kadee Flat

I know these are Crocs, but hear me out. I’ve heard over and over again how nurses swear by Crocs. Nurses and teachers both are up on their feet helping people all day long. If they are good enough for nurses, they should work for teachers too.

These Crocs are, dare I say, sleek? They are black and streamlined. They come in a few basic colors including black,gray, brown, and white. At the time of writing, these have over 4,000 reviews and well over 4 stars on Amazon. At the time of writing, over 60% of those reviews are 5 Star Reviews. That’s a ringing endorsement if I’ve ever heard one. If they are little big, you can even shrink them a bit in the dryer. How cool is that? I’m seriously tempted to get these just to try them out. And I’m one of those people that normally think that Crocs look completely ridiculous. Will these shoes prove me wrong?

Sperry Top-Sider Women’s a/O Venice Canvas Boat Shoe

Would it be totally weird to say I have a shoe crush? ‘Cause I do. When I get a “crush” on something at the store, I go back and visit it from time to time. Just to say, “Hey, I’m thinkin’ about ya.” I’ve been wanting a pair of Sperry’s boat shoes for a while now. I’ve been coveting a navy blue pair. These also come in millennial pink, stripes, and a butter yellow color. I feel like in these shoes, it would be easy to close your door during a planning period and imagine yourself  somewhere tropical on a yacht. And very definitely not sitting in a chair meant for a seven year old grading papers.

Cole Haan Women’s Nantucket Loafer Flat

If you’re looking for something a bit more upscale, try these Cole Hann Nantucket loafers. There are a ton of fun patterns like floral and plaid available. They are relatively casual for a loafer, but I think they are fine for every day at school especially if paired with slacks. They’d also work nicely for jean days while still looking professional.

Skechers BOBS Women’s Bobs Plush-Studious Cats Ballet Flat

I own a pair of these delightful shoes. They are covered in an adorable pattern with cats with glasses reading books. Because I’m a tutor now instead of a classroom teacher, I set my own wardrobe. These quirky shoes delight my younger students while encouraging my kiddos to read. They make me smile every time I look down at my feet. They have a lot of cushion, especially for a flat. Almost like a tennis shoe inside. They have lots of patterns too, not just these. A friend of mine has a galaxy cat pair. When you buy Bob’s shoes, they also make a donation to an animal charity. The box I got even came with a few stickers.

Reading Cat Shoes for Teaching


Clogs might not be the most glamorous shoe around, but they sure do feel nice. My first year teaching, I wore clogs a ton. I liked the little extra height they gave me. They felt almost like wearing tennis shoes without breaking the dress code.

Crocs Unisex On the Clock Work Slip On

I know these are Crocs, but if you wear them with a wide leg pant, I swear, nobody will know. And the reviews speak for themselves. At the time of writing, there are almost 200 reviews leading up to a 4 star rating. These shoes wipe down easily making them extra great for art teachers, pre-K teachers, science teachers, or anybody with a messy classroom. Others say that walking in these shoes it like walking on an anti-fatigue mat. Those sporting these shoes have even been happy after a 12 hour day. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that can withstand being up all day for active monitoring during testing season, these just might be it.

Clarks Women’s Channing Ann Slip On Loafer

Clarks were my go to brand for clogs my first year teaching. I loved the way that they felt on my feet. They had plenty of cushion. I had two pairs and both of them felt springy which I gave me some extra pep in my step. I like these with the cute button detail. They almost look like ankle boots. There are three styles to choose from.

Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Slip On

These shoes come in both black and brown. My first year of teaching, I made sure to get a black and a brown pair of clogs so no matter what I was wearing, I could find something to coordinate. Some of my outfits had brown bases and no black so I felt like wearing black shoes with those outfits would look really goofy. This pair comes in both brown and black, so you’re covered.

Alegria Women’s Joleen Loafers Shoes

I like these because the patterned medallions give a little more interest than some of the other clogs which can be a bit Spartan and utilitarian. If you like including bright, cheery colors in your wardrobe, this is a nice way to coordinate that and still be comfy in the classroom. This shoe even comes in a few whimsical patterns if you’re going for a Ms. Frizzle vibe in your wardrobe.

Clarks women’s Cloudsteppers Sillian Blair Slip On

From the reviews, it sure sounds like these cloudsteppers live up to their name. The material used on these shoes appears to be super soft. Some people find them tight across the top of the foot, but others report that the shoe fits perfectly. If you find that’s sometimes an issue for you, check out a different pair. The shoe comes in 10 colors so you’ll be able to find the perfect pair to fit with your wardrobe or fill color gaps you might have.

Eastland Women’s Amore

These clogs just might be my favorite clog on the list. When I buy shoes, I like to get a distressed sort of leather. I don’t like it when shoes or purses start out smooth but then get wrinkly with wear. These shoes already have a texture on them, so they’ll continue to look the way that they are supposed to. Also notice the little elastic panel. That feature makes walking in clogs even more comfortable because the shoe stretches a bit as you flex your foot. Perfect.

Birkenstock Boston Classic Arch Clog Black Oiled Leather

Birkenstock’s are a classic for a reason: simple comfort. Did you know that they’ve been around since 1774? That’s right history teachers. The same year the first Continental Congress met in Philadelphia, in Germany Johann Adam Birkenstock began his shoe business. They’ve learned a thing or two in their over 200 years of shoe making.

If your school is OK with a more relaxed vibe, you could wear these Birkenstock clogs. .To be honest, I’ve never owned a pair, I keep my shoe collection abnormally small. At least  that’s the impression I get when I talk to my friends about shoes. Somehow my fiance doesn’t agree and thinks I have a ton of shoes. But he has like three pairs total, so he’s not the best judge. Anyhow, I’ve wanted a pair of Birkenstocks since middle school, and one day I hope they join my collection.

Clarks Women’s Leisa Sadie Mule

I live in Texas, so most of the year, it’s pretty warm outside. In the first school that I taught in, the hallways didn’t have air conditioning. I liked wearing backless mule style clogs to help keep my feet cool. Plus it made it easy to discretely slip my shoe off and wiggle my toes. I naturally prefer to be barefoot as much as possible, so maximum foot freedom is heaven for me. I like the stylish buckle and stitching on these clogs in particular. With nearly 200 reviews, at the time of writing, a huge portion, 70% are 5 star reviews. That’s a whole lot of happy feet, y’all!



We know that not every school dress code allows for open toed shoes. If that applies to you, keep scrolling down as we have more closed toed shoes later. I live in Texas where summer seems to stretch into November and starts again Mid-March. Sandals are a near year round wardrobe staple here and in other southern states.

Clarks Women’s Leisa Annual Sandal

I can’t be the only one who hates fiddling with difficult sandal buckles. It takes me forever to get the prong through the tiny little hole. By the time I get through both shoes, then I realize one side is tighter than the other, and I have to adjust. And after that, I’m running late. Ugh. No such problem with these sandals because they fasten with Velcro. There is no shame in my Velcro game. If you teach the younger grades, you can even have a bonding moment with your easy to use shoe straps. Nobody’s got time to fumble with shoe straps before coffee in the AM.

Clarks Women’s Saylie Moon Sandal

These shoes are just plain pretty. They are Clark’s so you know you’ll be comfy all day long. They would work perfectly for a sundress. I’d even wear these silver beauties to a wedding if I had the right outfit to go with it. I’m partial to the silver color personally.

Crocs Women’s Meleen Twist Sandal

More Crocs, don’t judge me. When I was writing this article, I didn’t seek Crocs out.. As I combed through pages and pages of Amazon sandals these cute ones popped out at me as a nice, simple design. And then I saw the brand. If I couldn’t tell, do you think other people will? As I did my research on this shoe, I was pretty blown away. There are over 1,000 reviews on this sandal and it has over a 4 star rating at the time of writing. Pretty impressive. These simple sandals could go with just about anything. They are available in nine colors, so there is a wide variety to choose from.

Crocs Women’s Swiftwater Sandal

Teacher budgets are super stretched, so getting versatility out of your shoes is important. These push that concept to the limit. Croc’s Swiftwaters are completely rubber. You could wear them on the beach or to float the river, hose them off, then you’re good to go. They come in 11 colors including two shades of pink and orange if you’re looking for a fun pop of color in your footwear.

 Everelax Women’s Flat Sandals

These Everlax sandals are one of my favorite selections in the whole list. My natural style gravitates to what I call, “hippy dippy trippy,” and these fit right in with that feel. When I was in high school I almost exclusively wore a pair of rope sandals I bought at the renaissance festival, and I absolutely loved them. Now that I’m an adult, I find it difficult to balance that look with professionalism, but these shoes fit the bill. They look luxurious, but the price is right. These babies come in deep red, purple, coral, and other fun colors. With over 800 reviews, and over 60% of them being 5 star reviews, what’s not to love?

Meehine Women’s Elastic Sparkle Flip Flops Summer Beach Thong Flat Sandals Shoes

While any teacher could wear these, I feel like they are perfect for teaching younger grades. The sparkly flowers would delight young girls especially. There are nine different styles and the flowers change on each of them, so even if these particular designs aren’t your jam, check out the others for one that suits you best.

Dream Pairs Women’s Platform Wedge Sandals

If you look closely at the picture of these sandals, you’ll notice something special.. Two of the straps that go across the top of the foot are elastic, not leather. This will let your foot move and bend more naturally while still having plenty of structure in the heel and toe. The picture shoes a nicely cushioned sole and the heel has a little lift, but not too much.

Sketchers Cali Women’s Rumbler Sci Fi Wedge Sandal

These Sketchers sandals are fun and professional. They come in both black and white. They have a little higher heel than many of the other sandals on this list, so make sure your feet can handle the height.


LifeStride Women’s Farrow Wedge Pumps

These are my go to pair of shoes for everything right now. I wear them almost every day. They work with skirts and jeans no problem. They are always comfy, but I did have one of the inserts inside get unsticky. It sometimes flops out like a tongue, but I can stick it right back in, and it doesn’t cause a problem. The pair I have are black. I’ve had them for quite some time now, and they have held up well on the exterior. I’m hard on my shoes too. They didn’t cause me problems breaking them in which is a major plus.

Clarks Women’s Flores Poppy Pump

These wedges come in seven different styles, some in a fashionable suede material. The buckle and color choices are all professional. Since the heel height is only a little over 2 inches, you’ll have a little lift without the feel of super high heels all day. The shoes have an ortholite footbed and sport cushion soft technology. Over 60% of the reviews are 5 stars at the time of writing, making for a reliably good purchase. These shoes are able to dress up or down depending on what you wear them with which makes getting dressed in the morning easy. They are available in a wide width too.

Toms Women’s Desert Wedge

Did you know that Tom’s has more than basic flats? I didn’t either before I started writing this article. If you’re aren’t familiar with Tom’s, you’re going to love what comes next. With every pair of Tom’s you purchase, the company has a One for One policy of helping a person in need. They have several programs including ones for shoes, water, birth, and bullying. When you buy Tom’s, you know your purchase is going to help people in need and not just make some corporate overlord richer. The wedges above come in an astonishing array of styles. Check them out to find the perfect pair for you.


CLARKS Women’s Lafley Rosen Platform

These cute wedges would go wonderfully with a sun dress or professional capri pants that are awesome for September heat waves and keeping your cool when you and your students are just over it towards May. These are Clark’s but they look anything but orthopedic. At the time of writing, they have over 100 reviews and nearly 80% of them are 5 stars. Wow! People who have bought these consider them their “go to” shoes. They come in five colors. I wouldn’t blame you if you bought more than one pair.

Corky’s Bandit Women’s Sandal

These wedges have one of the most unique styles I’ve come across while researching this article. I’ve never seen another wedge with the black, red, and herringbone pattern. I love it for just the right outfit. These wedges come in five different colors. At the moment, there are nearly 40 reviews and 90% of those reviews are 4 and 5 stars. I’ve not yet seen a shoe with that kind of devotion. I’ve not personally worn any Corky’s, but I’m certainly tempted by these.

Women’s Leigh-Ann Leather Mini Wedge Sandal

I deliberately left the brand off this heading. Any guesses on what brand these are? Did you guess Crocs? If I didn’t know, I’d never have guessed. They’ve really stepped up their style game, and these cute wedges prove it. Your secret is safe with me.

Aerosoles A2 by Women’s Florist Wedge Slide Sandal

Aerosoles don’t get talked about a ton, but I’ve been wearing them since I was a kid. I always enjoyed their waffle-like soles that help make them comfortable. These wedges look professional without being too stuffy. I particularly enjoy the denim with leather look that would be fantastic for a jeans day.

Ugg Australia Women’s Whitney Wedge Sandal

For braver souls who can handle a taller heel, these Uggs just might work. One of the reviewers tells how she wore these on vacation. Even after 16 hours of being up and walking in these, her feet were comfortable. Sounds like they would stand up to classroom wear and tear too. I’d pair these with a dressier outfit to help them look polished. I’m personally not coordinated enough to wear these, but if you are, go for it!


While heels aren’t right for every teacher, I wanted to include a section as an option for those who like teachers. They are also nice for teacher conference days or days you have an ARD meeting scheduled.

Clarks Women’s Emslie Lulin Pump

I have owned a pair of Clark’s almost exactly like this. It had the strap across the foot, and the heel was about the same height. I found them to be comfortable even on days I had to do quite a bit of walking. Check them out on Amazon to see tons of positive reviews. If you like heels, you won’t go wrong with these.


Aerosoles Women’s Petroleum Boot

To me these adorable shoes look more like a pump than a boot, which is I why I placed them here. I love the cute cutouts on the top of the shoe. They’re professional, but still fun. The suede material is fashion forward as are the colors. You’ll be professional, stylish, and comfy in these beauties.

Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole Women’s Rupert Day Pump

This interesting shoe is a pump that laces up. The reviews report a solidly built shoe. The shoe is a bit different from the usual choices, and it makes them stand out in a nice way.

Aerosoles Women’s Starring Role

These shoes are so cute I just can’t stand it. I love the ruching across the front. These would look absolutely perfect with a nice cozy sweater or cardigan for days that are cold outside or if your classroom is over air conditioned. They come in pretty colors, but they have black and dark gray too if you need something more neutral.

LifeStride Women’s Coanna Ankle Bootie

These pumps are a little daring but still sensible enough for work.They are fun enough that they can do double duty on the weekend. The heel is a little taller than some of the other shoes on the list, so make sure you can handle it before you purchase them. Even with the heel, the reviews report they are comfortable which is why they made the list.

Aerosoles Women’s High Frequency Ankle Bootie

I’m totally digging the mesh on these Aerosoles. The heels are a little on the taller side, but the wide base makes them easier to walk in. They come in five different colors. The reviews show that they are comfy which is Aerosoles specialty.

Aerosoles Women’s Teleport Ankle Boot

With these shoes, you just might be the best dressed teacher in your hallway. I love the scalloped edges around the ankle. The metallic detail around the heel is darling. The fashion forward colors can act like an extra shot of espresso on the days you just don’t want to get out of bed. They’ll help you fake it til you make it.


Spring Step Women’s Joella Pumps

I’m a renaissance festival fanatic, and these shoes remind me of the steampunk style I see at the faire sometimes. The two tone black and brown make this shoe more versatile. The buttons on the side ad some flair. They would be fantastic for an English teacher when doing a unit on Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights or even Frankenstein. They give me all the English literature vibes.

Ankle Boots

Born Women’s Trinculo

These boots come in a variety of colors. I love the straps across the front and the buckle. While they aren’t exactly cowboy boots, they would totally fit in for Western Day or if you live in Houston like I do, they would work for Go Texan day. The low heel will help you stay comfortable all day long.

Born Womens Adia

This boot is similar to the one above, but has less embellishment across the top of your foot. If you like a simplier design, this would be the ankle boot for you.

TOMs Women’s Ella Suede Bootie

These boots offer an elastic side that will help you feet have the give and take they need to make it through a long school day keeping up with your students. They come in many colors and have both suede and velvet exteriors.

Rocket Dog Women’s Soundoff Boot

These boots are the most classically western style boots on the list. They’d pair wonderfully with jeans, but would also work well with neutral colored pencil trousers so you can show these off. Even a cute flowing skirt could be fantastic for a bohemian flair.

Soda Women’s Perforated Cut Out Stacked Block Heel Ankle Booties

The cut outs on these low bootie heels are adorable. These would work with tights or barefoot. At the time of writing these boots have over 75% 5 star reviews and less than 5% are one or two stars, so you know you’re going to love them. Reviewers note they get lots of compliments and that these shoes are fun to wear. Give yourself a boost with these fun shoes.

DailyShoes Women’s Military Lace Up Buckle Combat Boots Ankle High Exclusive Quilted Credit Card Pocket Bootie

These shoes have a long name, but they are super useful. These boots have a secret compartment in them. How cool is that? These would work great in the classroom on a chilly day, but you could also wear them out and about when you don’t want to carry a full purse around by sticking your drivers licence, debit card, and some cash in the concealed pocket. Then you’re good to go.They come in a wide variety of colors so if you’ve ever needed pink or leopard print combat style boots in your life, now you can have them.

Clarks Women’s Whistle Bea Ankle Boot

These boots make me want to curl up at a bed and breakfast in Maine while sipping hot cocoa and watching Hallmark Christmas Movies. But since that can’t happen for a least a few years while I save up the cash, these boots are the next best thing. I’d pair them with a long plaid skirt and a black fuzzy sweater to soften the look a bit.

TOMS Women’s Deia Fashion Boot

These simple boots are nearly completely flast. The pattern on the heel gives them some extra pizzazz. These boots are professional enough for the school day, but they still will look great with more casual looks on the weekend.


One of my favorite memories from my first year of teaching was bonding with my wonderful para Mrs. Carson over a pair of boots. I got a knee high pair of silver boots for Christmas. They were so comfortable. I showed them to her after we got back from break, and she loved them so much she got a pair of them too. It was so much fun to show up and match with her.


Uggs Women’s Classic Short II Boot

Over the years, I’ve wound up with two pairs of these. When I’m not teaching, I love to go camping. Sometimes, when we are camping in November, even Texas nights get downright cold. I pull the puppies on over my socks and hang out by the campfire. Nothing could be toastier. I’ve also worn them to work. I’m not crazy about showing off that they are Uggs at work, so I wear them with boot cut trousers that are long enough to conceal that they are Uggs. If you’re classroom gets chilly in the winter, I don’t know of anything that will help keep your toes warmer.

Clark’s Women’s Cheyn Wide Calf Knee High Boot

I’ve always found that boots make me feel more empowered. I stand up straighter and feel more in charge. I’m a plus sized gal myself, so sometimes finding boots that fit my calves can be a challenge. I get really excited when I come across wide leg boots like these. Clarks always has awesome quality. While I haven’t tried these particular boots myself, I trust Clarks.

Born BOC Barbana Multi Strap Riding Boots

These low heeled boots have three buckles for visual interest. These would look so cute with tucked in pants and a tunic shirt.

Dream Pairs Women’s Knee High Low Hidden Wedge Boots (Wide Calf Available)

These boots have hundreds and hundreds of happy reviews online. They are almost flat, but they have a little lift that is concealed inside the boot. Reviewers even mention that these boots have a built in card holder. They come in some slouchy varieties as well.

Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Poe Wide Calf Slouch Boot

If you are brave enough to try a taller heel, then these Scholl’s boots just might be the perfect fit for school. They come in a nude and a black color. These are specifically wide calf boots so if you need some space, these will fit the bill. Dr. Scholl’s is known for comfort so even though I wouldn’t ordinarily go with a taller heel, these are the perfect ones to try if you are looking for some extra height.

ECCO Footware Women’s Elaine Buckle Boot

ECCO is my fiance’s favorite brand of shoes to wear to his work. I’ve noticed his ECCOs last and last. These Ecco boots have a fur lining, so they will be warm. These are definitely on the more expensive side of the boots on this list, but at the time of writing every single one of the reviews is 4 and 5 stars. If you’ve got the budget, and you like them, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

TEVA Women’s Foxy Mid-Calf Boot

Teva makes more than beach sandals? What? My favorite pair of flip flops are Tevas, but I had no idea they made boots too. Some report that the boots run a little on the small size, so you might want to order a size up. They come in tan, olive green, and black. The triangle buckle on the side is an unexpected detail and would fit nicely with an “eye spy” lesson on triangles in the lower grades.

Dream Pairs Women’s Strappy Faux Fur Mid Calf Riding Combat Boots

These boots come in five color choices. They are affordable, but they are also well reviewed. The low heel is sensible, but still fashionable and the buckles manage to be cute and tough at the same time. What’s not to love?

Tell Me About Your Favorite Teacher Shoes

I want to hear about your favorite pair of teacher shoes. The ones that never hurt and make you feel like a rock star in the classroom. What kind are they? Where did you get them? How long have they lasted you?