The holiday season is over and the doldrums of winter are setting in. When you head back to school after Christmas Break, the realization sets in: you have a whole semester to go until summer vacation. You already know when you return to review routines and practice, practice, practice. Combat the winter blahs with this survival kit. By the way, the links are affiliate links, which means we might make a small commission on the sale which helps us fund our own winter survival kit.

Fill Your Cup

The most important thing to do during winter is to keep your metaphorical cup full. Surround yourself with positive teachers and friends. Sometimes those can be in short supply, so you can find positive teacher friends on our Facebook Page and Group. Join today to stay in touch.


ChapStick Total Hydration

If you’re like me, your lips get chapped during the winter. Fend off peeling lips and keep your pout soft with ChapStick’s Total Hydration. I particularly like their hydrating formulas better than the regular kind. My lips peel and even bleed during the winter so I need every bit of extra moisture I can get.

Seacret Hand Cream with Shea Butter

I first received this hand cream as a Christmas gift years ago. The person who gave it to me probably got it from a pushy person at a mall kiosk, but it sure does work. In chilly weather, my hands crack to the point of bleeding. It’s painful, and ridiculous because I live in Texas where it really doesn’t get that cold. But using this stuff really helped keep my hands moist. For me, I think it helped prevent new cracks so the old ones could heal. I find the scent relaxing too which is an awesome bonus. I find other hand creams that do the trick smell too medical. The Seacret lotion smells light and fresh.

Aquasentials Moisturizing Gloves

Sometimes my hands need extra deep moisture. When that happens, I like to wear gloves overnight. I thought the sensation of wearing gloves to sleep would give me the creeps, but it didn’t. I put on hand lotion right before I turn out my light, put the gloves on, and go to sleep. It doesn’t keep me awake. The gloves lock the lotion in so I can get the full benefit of it. You’ll feel absolutely pampered, and it’s a simple thing to add to your self-care routine.

Teacher Planners

If you don’t have a teacher planner to put some pep in your planning, you might want to consider a teacher planner. I’m a full time tutor now, and so my planning needs differ from a classroom teacher. But I’m still tempted by the cute polka dot pattern. If I was still a classroom teacher, I’d be buying this.

 Winter Hat

Got car line or recess duty? Keep your noggin nice and warm with this fashionable newsboy knit hat. You’ll look stylish and stay snug. The visor will keep sun out of your eyes on sunny days and will keep some drizzle off on icky days.

Hand Warmers

I use these hand warmers all the time when I go camping. They are pocket size and even fit inside gloves. Tuck them in your pockets, gloves, or shoes to keep your hands or feet nice and warm when you’re on duty or even if your classroom is on the chilly side. If you teach science, you might even be able to work them into a lesson about chemical reactions. They last for hours.

Touch Screen Gloves

These touchscreen gloves are versatile. Even if you aren’t allowed to be on an any electronics while on duty, you’ll want gloves that work for school and after hours. With these gloves, you wont have to remove them to be able to send a quick text. The multiple colors mean you can pick your favorite color or buy more than one to coordinate with different outfits.

Warm Shawls

The first school I taught in didn’t have heat in the halls,so the hallways in the winter months were downright cold. But we were still expected to dress professionally. No problem with a nice warm shawl like this one. Keep it on the back of your teacher chair so you have it handy when the temperature in your classroom dips too low for comfort.

Warm Socks

Call me a crazy cat lady if you want, but any time I wear cat themed footwear my students (even my adult learners) notice and love it. If you’re going to be out in the winter weather or if your room gets drafty, keep your feet warm with toasty socks. I know when my feet are cold I can’t focus on anything else.

Cleaning Wipes

Winter means cold and flu season. Ugh. Your going to have students show up with snotty noses. Using Clorox Wipes or a similar brand on your desks, tables, door handles, and other surfaces to help keep these nasty bugs at bay. I use wipes like this at home to clean my kitchen, bathroom, and office spaces. It’s quick which teachers need. We don’t have time for an involved cleaning process.

Facial Tissue

In an ideal world, parents would send enough tissues to last the whole year in August. But let’s be real, they probably didn’t, and your supply is running thin. It’s time to restock before you and your students resort to using sleeves. I like Puff’s Plus best because the lotion keeps my nose from chapping.


Surviving Winter as a Teacher

Winter is stressful for teachers. Testing pressure is ramping up. The days are shorter so sunlight is limited, making long teacher hours seem even longer. Take time to take care of yourself. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Fill your cup by surrounding yourself with the positive people at your school and a positive online community for teachers like Owl Quest. You can like our Facebook Page and join our Group to connect with us.

Fill Your Cup