Are your students going to be attending a Valentine’s Day party this year? If you aren’t sure and your campus has these parties, it’s time to make sure your kids are included to the maximum extent possible. To help make that easier, here are some Valentine’s Day themed sensory items for your kids to enjoy while fitting in with the theme. Best of all, these items work as party favors for general education students too. Inclusiveness for the win!

Squishy Foam Hearts

These adorable foam hearts are squeezable and squish-able   . They come in pink and red. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, they should arrive quickly once you order them. The cheerful smiling hearts come in a 36 pack, so you likely only need to order one set per classroom.

Milk and Cookies Valentine Scented Stickers

This adorable Valentine’s Day pack comes with cards to give out to students as well as 28 scented sticker sheets. Encourage reading skills with a sweet note for each student. Psychologists have proven that memory is aided by scent, so the special boost your message gives them might even be remembered every time they smell chocolaty goodness.

Nesting Heart Cookie Cutters

There are so many possibilities with these fun cookie cutters! Students can practice tracing patterns, arrange by size, or create designs and pretend cookies with Play-Doh. If you have gluten free students, don’t use Play-Doh. Instead use Aroma Dough, a gluten and soy free alternative. I’m gluten free because of celiac so I always like to keep allergens in mind for kids.

Polka-Heart Rubber Duckies

Is polka-heart a word? If it wasn’t, I’ve decided it is now. I find these adorable little ducks to be irresistible. Write on sticker dots letters, numbers, dipthongs or more to make fun matching games, sound games, and more. There are so many cute ways to be creative with this for a party while still learning.


Bonus: What to Wear to A Valentine’s Day Party

Not sure what to wear for the Valentine’s Day festivities? This adorable sweater will keep you warm and will show your students just how big your heart is for them. I love the white on gray look, but there is a variety of colors.